Production / Studio Services

Your Songs Professionally Recorded, Mixed and Mastered.

We can record anything from a basic piano / vocal demo to a major or independent label record, and do it in almost any style.   We use professional  musicians that can be found every day either in the studio working on records, or who are touring with a major recording artist. (in many cases both!).


Every project is different, so send us an email with details of what you are wanting to do, and we’ll put together a budget proposal.   Most services are hourly and range from $35 to $50 / hr.

Scroll down below for a more detailed description of each type of recording service offered:


A demo differs from other project types only by hours.   Your demo will still have the same quality players used - the difference is that we will budget less time, and record more songs in a “set” number of hours (you always have the option to add on hours if need be).

At 524 Productions, we can record demos for singers and songwriters. You bring your original songs and you’ll have a variety of options on production. We can help with the arrangement of the song and provide input on the general production direction. From a basic guitar/vocal or a piano/vocal to a full band production, we will customize your production for the song style or for the pitch. We can arrange for background vocalists and even lead vocals (if you don’t sing).  If you are from out of town, we can even schedule a session using Skype!


A custom project adds more hours for tracking, overdubbing vocals and other instruments,  and also adds more pre and post production time for the project.   This is a great choice for up and coming artists, bands, and songwriters who want to record and sell a CD.   It’s also a great way to “upgrade” your demo.


This is for artists that are very serious about pursuing a record deal.    It’s also a great bargaining tool because you, as the artist, would own your own record.  The business model has changed significantly over the past few years.

If an artist brings a record to a label that is already finished, the label has less risk in signing an artist because they already know what they are buying / signing, rather than spending a lot of money developing the artist and later hearing what’s been recorded.

In this type of scenario, we generally will track about 4 to 6 songs a day, and will do so in a large facility on  Music Row. We will then spend several days recording vocals and overdubs.   We usually mix 1 or 2 songs per day.  The end result will be an album that will be of the same quality and equally competitive with what is being played on top 40 radio toda

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